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PIZZAFACE x Chef Kanthi

Last month, I visited Naples to try authentic Neapolitan Pizza. While I was there, I noticed that

they love their chillies.. This gave me the idea of combining spice and pizza to create something

exciting. I shared this idea with Brigi from Pizzaface, who was equally enthusiastic about it. After

testing the recipe for a day, we decided to put it on the menu.

PIZZAFACE Brigi Stamber X Chef Kanthi in their element.

Keeping the traditional tomato base sauce, I added an infusion of ginger, garlic and roasted Sri

Lankan Curry Powder to spice things up. We marinated the chicken in a yoghurt mixture with

spices and grilled it in a hot pizza oven. To top it off, we've used curry leaves, red chillies and red

onions, all on one of the best pizza doughs I've ever tried. The pizza was then finished with

fresh coriander and green chilli oil. We also created a vegan version with spiced and grilled


These specials will be available for delivery and collection all month, as well as for dining in at

the restaurant if you're in Worthing.

As a special treat to welcome the summer, we’re hosting an exclusive Spiced Pizzas and

Tropical Cocktails party on the 26th of May at 6pm. This one-of-a-kind event will feature a

unique menu of spiced pizzas and tropical cocktails, specially crafted for the occasion. You’ll

also get to enjoy a spiced gin and tonic upon arrival, along with some delectable street food

snacks. The highlight of the evening will be the sharing of our spiced pizzas, followed by a

refreshing dessert of coconut and mango ripple ice cream from our friends at Boho Gelato.

To secure your spot at this exciting event, simply call Pizzaface on 01903202026 to make a

booking. Tickets are priced at £35 per person and are selling fast, so don’t miss out on this

unique culinary experience.


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