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The Spice circuit x Brighton Gin

Collaborations are really cool as when like minded people with different skill set come together

they create magic. I have collaborated with lots of chefs, restauranteurs, gelato makers and

even pizza places to offer something very exciting and different.

My latest collaboration is a really exciting one. Just a month ago while I was cooking at home

with spices and sipping gin, this thought how about if I put spices and gin together as I know

there are many infusions out there in the market so it is possible.

I could only think of the legends at ‘Brighton Gin’ when I thought I would like to share this idea

and see if they get equally excited. It so happens that they were excited and we did not waste a

minute after that.

Chef Kanthi collaborating with the team from Brighton Gin.
Like minded people with different skill sets making magic together.

Starting with distilling individual spiced gins to blending a few spices together to working on

ways to infuse curry leaves into it.... After a lot of testing and tasting, tasting and testing and

making few different versions, approximately just over a month the end result was really

satisfying. We have even designed our own label.

Best part about this is its a local gin made by locals - fused with black pepper and cardamom

sourced from our family run small plantation in Coorg, India and mace from small organic spice

farm in Kerala.

The curry leaf hits the nose instantly and then the sweetness of cardamom follows with an end

result of slight heat from black pepper.

For someone who likes spices and gin and would like to drink small batch local gins, this one is

a winner. Don’t take my word for it. Just check it out yourself.

After a few weeks of soft launch we will be releasing it into the market for all you ‘Ginthusiasts’

to get ‘Ginspired.’

3 bottles of test batch gin variations and tasting glasses.
Test batches and tastings. Infused with black pepper & cardamom from my home village.


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