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When I am not cooking I am travelling.


Sometimes, I am travelling because I am cooking. I think this is the best way to bring both my passions together. I have met some really interesting people that have many food stories to share during my travels and always tend to ask a local for the places where locals eat and hidden gems that are away from places that tourists flock. My travel revolves around food and culture. The best times are always when I get invited to do pop ups abroad. It’s a great way of exchanging food and culture. I have done pop ups in Sweden, Netherlands, Spain, USA, France, Guernsey and Germany so far. I am always in search of more exciting venues and destinations to travel and also for future pop ups.

A wise person once said ‘’Travelling leaves you speechless and then it turns into a story teller", I am here to share all my travel stories with more emphasis on local food and places to eat and
less on tourist attractions as there are hundreds of sites that write about them.

So, Come and travel the word with me.

Chef Kanthi Thamma leaning on a palm tree

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