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Pop ups

Pop ups are challenging as well as super exciting. Imagine going to into a different kitchen,
different set up and sometimes different country to run your menu for a day to two and then disappear but make such an impact in those two days that the diners are already asking when will you be back again. I did pop ups form really tiny kitchens where there is place only for one person to massive star hotel kitchens where you get every single piece of fancy equipment and crockery to work with.

The key is adaptability. One needs to factor. in the place you are going to do your pop up, the type of clientele you will be catering to, the local ingredients and ingredients that you need to take along and also most of the times its just one man show. So, I tend to consider these factors first and then plan the menus accordingly.

I also love the fact that you make so many friends globally through pop ups and they take you out to their local favourite restaurants and I get to meet the local chefs too thus opening doors to more possible pop ups.

You can find all the information on my up coming pop ups and links to bookings below.

Pop up board for event

Cooking lessons

The best gift one can give humankind is gift of education.If you cook you might feed someone for a day but if you teach them how to cook they can feed themselves for a lifetime. I strongly believe in this and when the opportunity came up at Jamie Oliver’s Cooking School, I took it up and I have throughly enjoyed teaching cooking lessons there. I was amazed by how thankful people are for teaching them cooking and the job satisfaction was instant.


I got back into teaching lessons again when The Community Kitchen opened in Brighton and since then it has been non stop. I teach 5 different lessons there and I also make sure that there is a cooking lesson as part of my pop ups abroad. As of today I have done 195 cooking lessons at the Community Kitchen and I am hoping to keep that number going up.

Chef Kanthi Thamma giving a demo at the Foodies festival
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